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I’m Tracy

Speaker, Author, Leader, Engineer, Landlord, Beer Enthusiast

Yes, I have a lot of passions.

And you can find links to all of them here.

Blogs and Such

I blog about several of my passions. Some are career oriented. Some are just for fun. You’ll find descriptions and links just below.

Coaching & Training

Are you needing someone to help with an agile transformation or to help with leadership or personal development? Scroll on past the blogs. You’ll find more links.


I love leading teams through agile transformations. Whether it’s software developers or some other business, an agile approach focuses your team around the high-value deliverables using strategic teamwork and short, iterative goals.

Engineering Leadership

As an engineer, I lead others to develop multi-million dollar solutions. Because of that, engineering leadership is a passion that I frequently promote and discuss. A friend and I have a blog dedicated to engineers, their careers, and developing their leadership.

Rental Properties

Everyone needs multiple streams of income. Owning rental property is one of mine and I highly recommend it. If you’re interested in residential, commercial, or vacation rentals as an investment, some of what you’ll find here will help you out.

Craft Beer

I like to think of myself as a semi-professional beer drinker. Since 2010, I’ve been reviewing beer, posting pictures of it, and simply enjoying it. Well, I’ve been enjoying it for a lot longer than that.

Team Coaching

Is your team looking to move to agile practices? Do you want them to develop leadership skills, better communication habits, stronger collaboration? I can help.

Career Building

Are you ready to advance your career? Do you want to move into leadership or further develop the skills you already have? Let’s ratchet your career up a notch.

About Me

My name is Tracy Thomason. I’m a speaker, author, software developer (rarely, though, these days,) agile coach, team leader, manager, real estate investor, entrepreneur, Toastmaster, and craft beer drinker (sometimes brewer, though rarely.) Sure, I like red wine, too.

As a raging introvert, for the first 15 years of my career, I mostly kept my mouth shut and my eyes glued on the screen of my computer. Around 2005, I discovered a “little” organization called Toastmasters which pushed me in new directions. I became a tech lead, team lead, Certified Scrum Master, scrum coach, development manager, and eventually discovered that I was more passionate about leadership theory and business processes as I’d ever been about programming.

Now that’s what I do – lead teams and help others lead their teams, too.

Wanna talk? Drop me a line.